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New Jersey Divorce Attorneys Discuss the Alimony Reform Act


New Jersey Divorce Attorneys Discuss Modification of Alimony


Will Alimony Reform Affect Military Divorces


How to Deal with a Narcissist and Other Personality Disorders in Divorces

divorcing a narcissist

There are many issues that arise during a divorce, but what can make the entire process extremely difficult is when one spouse has a personality disorders that influences the path of the marriage dissolution.  One of the major problems with this situation is that the public perception of the spouse with the personality disorder may be that he or she is charismatic and charming, while the reality behind the scenes is someone who is manipulative and dangerously aggressive, lashing out when the facts challenge the reality that he has created.  It is a challenge to convince the court that the public persona is not the real individual.  This is particularly stressful if there are children involved in the divorce.

How Will the Pending Alimony Reform Affect New Jersey Divorces

alimony reform

The alimony reform act that has been contemplated and debated for a long time now has just passed the New Jersey State Assembly at the end of the legislature’s fiscal year on June 30 and it presents significant changes to New Jersey divorce laws.  The passage was swift following approximately three years of arguments and compromises.  The bill is now heading to the desk of Governor Christie for his signature.  This reform marks a significant change in alimony laws, although it will not be retroactively applied to alimony agreements that already are in place.  However, it will apply to divorces that presently are pending in the courts, as well as new divorce cases that are filed.

Grandparents Have a Right to See Their Grandchildren in New Jersey

grandparent rights

Grandparents across the State of New Jersey can take comfort in the fact that New Jersey is one of those jurisdictions that provides them with a legally enforceable right to see their grandchildren if those visits are in the best interest of the child.

How Does a Marriage Counselor Help in a New Jersey Divorce?

Marriage counselors in divorce

Having made the decision to move forward with a divorce, it seems rather counterintuitive, and perhaps a waste of time, to sit down with a marriage counselor, but this may be one of the best decisions that a person can make in going through the steps of dissolving a marriage.

How Do You Choose a Therapist in a Divorce?

Therapists in a divorce

Even in the most amicable of divorces, there is a termination of one of the most important relationships in a child’s life.  Therefore, it is not surprising that many children need some form of therapy to adjust to their new "post-divorce" reality.  Otherwise stated, it is important to recognize the circumstances in which these children do require the assistance of a professional counselor.

When Does a New Jersey Judge Listen to Children in a Custody Case?

Custody cases

The overarching determination of what custody plan is in the best interest of the child governs child custody cases in New Jersey.  In order to make that decision, a judge may decide to conduct an in camera interview with the child to learn what the child wants.  However, these interviews are rare and it frequently is the appointed guardian ad litem who speaks on behalf of the child.

Pursuing a Successful New Jersey Custody Modification

describe the image

The process of setting a custody arrangement is often very thorough.  Therefore, the justification for a requested modification must be compelling.  There are different things that a person can do to increase his or her chances of succeeding in a modification request.

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